Ogũn is a fashion film that explores the connection between human(kind) and (mother) nature which vividly depicts the beauty on our planet, with a strong connection to South Africa.

Featuring two international models, which were chosen by fashion designer James Berlein, Ogũn it is not only a homage to one place or one country in particular but a love letter to dreaming and experiencing life together in all it’s simple craziness surrounding us day by day.

Ostap originally from Mariupol, Ukraine, still remembers the first days of war when he was in Spain on a job and couldn’t reach his parents whose city was bombed.

In these times we can find something timeless in the elements of earth that connect us humans. Nature doesn’t judge, it is just there, uncompromising, deadly and beautiful.

We contemplated about how Africa as the mother continent has shaped us, as the cradle of humankind. How people move within the land and feel connected as well as inspired in their aesthetics. How wind is the wave, how our souls are similar to water, how our destiny is like the wind. The soul and heart of every individual is connected within the bigger picture.

Ogũn understands itself as an ode, two minutes of breathing and reflecting – always referring to the minimalistic and timeless crafted brand.